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Great prizes to be won - every week!

  • Match 3 numbers in the correct order to WIN £5
  • Match 4 numbers in the correct order to WIN £25
  • Match 5 numbers in the correct order to WIN £1,000
  • Match 6 numbers in the correct order to WIN £10,000

No need to claim

If you are one of our lucky winners, we will contact you within two weeks of the draw date and will pay your winnings directly to your Bank Account.
You can also check if you won on the Winners page on this website. The winning number will be posted the following working day after the draw.

Every entry is a winner

Whatever happens in the draw, every £1 entry to the MS Weekly Lottery is a winner for our amazing community! It will help continue funding ground-breaking research, providing friendship and support, and campaigning for change to transform life for everyone with MS.
When you play the MS Weekly Lottery, you’re helping to support the 150,000 people in the UK living with MS. And you’ll be bringing us closer to the next breakthrough, week by week. Thank you!

Could you be a winner like Susan?

"This is very much a surprise, I play to help out as it's a cause that's close to my heart as I live with MS, but it's such a pleasure to win! I'm planning on spending my winnings on doing up the garden and donating some of it back to MS Society.” Susan, £1,000 winner.